Thursday, August 11, 2011

Little tikes Hide & Slide Castle

Rental price: $48/month (very new set!)
suitable for: 12 months - 3 years MAX 18kg, limit 1 child at a time
This item is too expensive and bulky to buy and store at home permanently! But your kids will be thrilled by the hours of fun they can get out of this toy, so RENT IT TODAY! :)

The Climb & Slide™ Castle gives children ample opportunity for adventurous play, while still under the watchful eye of caring parents. It includes a cool hideout and crawl tunnel just waiting to be explored.
 Little knights and princesses will have lots of fun adventures, indoors or out. Your active toddler can explore the crawl tunnel and hide out. The Castle's gentle slope slide promises soft landings, and a realistically designed steering wheel is perfect for pretend play. The Climb & Slide™ Castle includes a cool hideout and crawl tunnel just waiting to be explored. The working steering wheel will help develop a child's physical dexterity.

Gentle slope slide for soft landings

For kids who are intimidated by large outdoor playgrounds, this toddler-sized play castle  is a great way to introduce them to the active fun of climbing and sliding at the comfort of your own home! Say ‘Hello!’ hours of fun! All the climbing and sliding will help hone your child’s motor skills (learning about balance), boost their confidence in outdoor play areas and keeps them busy indoors.

Your child can enjoy all the sliding action and you will have no worries about catching HFMD at public play areas!

The item measures 127 (l) x 60 (w) x 104 (h) cm and will fit into any HDB flat living room, so no worries about space constraints.  It also can be easily stored in a corner, given its dimensions.

Check out the demo video here:

*For the safety of your child, you may wish to ensure that your child is under adult supervision when playing with this item. You may also wish to place the slide on a play mat to cushion any accidental falls.

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