Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Preorder (Ready stock) for Schoenhut Toy Pianos (Exclusively for Singapore Toy Rental's Facebook frds/fans!)

PREORDER for Schoenhut Toy Pianos - Ready Stock (limited stocks for each colour/model)

PO will close when ready stocks on 27 April Wed, 12pm.
There are limited pieces for each design/colour only, so do place your orders early. If the item you want is Out Of Stock (OOS), there is a waiting period of at least 2 months for a new batch to arrive.

Visit our facebook at To view the range available and details, visit:


        As this is a preorder, please note that the supplier is not able to guarantee stocks until the PO is closed and payment is made for all orders. A full refund will be given if the selected items are out of stock.
        Goods sold are NON refundable or exchangeable.
        Strictly NO CANCELLATION/EXCHANG E/REFUND of orders after payment is made.
        Pictures are provided by supplier so will not be responsible if the colour of the actual products differ.
        The customer is responsible for checking the condition of the item upon delivery before accepting the product. Kindly raise all issues at the time of delivery.
        Singapore Toy rental will not be responsible for any complaints / dissatisfaction on the actual product issues. All issues have to be raised directly to the supplier. If there are any issues, we will inform the supplier and request that they rectify the issue raised.
        Item ordered will be delivered 8-10days after the PO is closed.

To ORDER, drop us a facebook message or email with the following details:
1.      State the model and colour you want to order:
1. 25 Key Elite Spinet BLACK  $205
2. 25 Key Elite Spinet WHITE  $ 205
3. 25 Key Elite Spinet MAHOGANY $205
4. 30 key fancy grand WHITE $229
5. 30 key fancy grand BLACK $229
6.37 Key Daycare Durable BLACK $429
7.37 Key Daycare Durable WHITE $429
8.37 Key Daycare Durable MAHOGANY $429
9.37 keys concert grand BLACK $439
10. 37 keys concert grand white $439
11.37 keys concert grand MAHOGANY $439
12. 25 keys My First piano ( Pink- ready stock, White and Red -out of stock, arriving in about 3 weeks) $125

2.      Your name:
3.      Contact no.:
4.      Do you want delivery at $20 or self collect at supplier warehouse
5.      Delivery address (if opting for delivery service):
6.      Email address:

Please DO NOT MAKE PAYMENT until you have received our confirmation that stock is available for the model/colour you want. We will advise on stock availability at the TIME OF ORDERING. Upon confirmation from us, kindly make payment within 24 hours after ordering as stocks are limited. To be fair to those on the waiting list, we will release the stock to the next customer after the 24 hours is over.
**No payment = no order

Payment can be made to our Bank Account by the following options :-
 * Internet Bank Transfer;
 * Automated Teller Machines (ATM) Transfer;
 * Bank Counter Transfer;

We will advise on the bank transfer details upon confirmation

Please make payment only AFTER you have received the confirmation email/message with the delivery charges and stock availability.

After the transfer has been made, please sent to us a copy of the bank remittance or transaction code so that we can verify that payment has been made.

* * * BEFORE BUYING, PLEASE NOTE THE FOLLOWING:A toy piano does not sound like a normal piano, this is because the unique chime-like notes of Schoenhut® toy pianos are produced by little hammers striking metal bars, versus conventional taut wires used in full-sized piano models.


Schoenhut® toy pianos are chromatically tuned so your little toddler hears the right pitch from the start. The keys on the Schoenhut® toy pianos are of corresponding width with adult keyboards so children learn proper "finger stretch" from the very beginning.

Schoenhut® toy pianos have delighted children, collectors, and professional musicians for decades. Since the company's founding in 1872 by German emigrant Albert Schoenhut, the keyboard's magical overtones, hypnotic charm, and unique sound have matured from novelty to fine musical instruments.

Unsurpassed in quality, pitch, and durability, each traditional model is still crafted entirely by hand and individually tuned.
Endorsed by Margaret Leng Tan.

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